Shitoon 36: Nano


Nano is a good thing to have happened in many ways. A lot more Indians will be able to afford a car now. And when I say a lot more, I really mean it. The enormous sale potential that Nano offers, is what has been expressed by Tata’s words in the second box. But then, such boost in car sales is going to have an extremely negative impact on the already sad state of affairs of the Indian roads. Maharshi ROADacharya in the last box represents the roads and the snake symbolizes the problems that the roads will have to cope up with very soon, all thanks to the Nano.


5 Responses

  1. didnt quite understand the last part till i read the write-up. Omg v thoughtful of the symbolization…loved the shitshitya hehehe ROFL.

    yeah driving is gonna be hell now!

  2. u forget the environmental issues…
    but name doesnt matter… so true

  3. Shitshitiya, ROFLMAO! Going by the testimonials of junta who did interns there, well, this is going to be worthy of even the original Fatfatiya!

    But what the hell, it even made it to slashdot! The comments are most insightful!

  4. @Nita

    The infrastructural engineer in me is so very concerned!


    Yeah you raised a very important point there, namely the environmental impact. Frankly speaking, I am getting bad vibes from Nano.


    Awesome comments. Thanks for the link da.

  5. I think I’ll buy off a couple of these little things.

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